Services from Megic Carpet Curtain Phuket shop include.
Himalayan Salt Spa. We build Himalayan Spa Salts walls in your houses and therapy rooms. Salt lamps, brick and cups as well. For centuries, people have trusted the benefits of salt therapy (speleotherapy with Himalayan salt) to relieve respiratory illnesses, improve skin conditions and strengthen their immune systems.

For many owners furnishing a new yacht can seem like a daunting task. From bed linen to tableware, finding the perfect pieces to accentuate your yacht’s unique design. This can turn what should be the fun finishing touches into a seriously stressful situation. We can take care of it for you, with meticulous attention to detail. For yacht furnishing, we have catalogs which will have all styles and designs for you to choose from for you to fit out your yacht. We will furnish the entire deck with the upholstery of your choice and will furnish the state rooms cabins and bathrooms. Together with awnings and blinds.
Additionally the cleaning of all carpets, fabrics, interior and exterior decking, hull, stainless steel, superstructure and teak.

Specialist carpet, curtain, sofa, chair, and flooring cleaning services. Without the use of harmful chemicals and products. Leaving your property clean and fresh. Sanitizing to leave mattresses stain free and odorless.  Our mattress cleaning specialists use pure steam, strong suction and a highly effective allergy relief treatment, to get rid of all the dust mites, germs, fungal and any harmful debris found in your mattress. also facilitates in floor cleaning services and parking lot cleaning, we have the machines which makes work much easier for us to do and more effective for the customers. It doesn’t matter if your floor is made up of wood, laminate, marble, ceramic tiles we will leave it as clean as new. We can provide the highest quality buffing and waxing services for any type of floor. Together with the in the maintenance and restoration of all carpet, hardwood, tile, ceramic and vinyl floors.