Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning along with the curtain selling and cleaning facilitates its customers in window cleaning as well. Our customer’s just need to contact us at Phuket Thailand and our staff will reach the destination on the time given. The windows will be spotless from inside and outside.

As a window cleaner you would work on domestic and commercial premises, cleaning windows, doors and other glass surfaces. You may use a ladder to reach the first floor of a building or use water-fed poles, or work from a safety cradle, moving up and down the outside of the building. If you’ve got a head for heights and like working outdoors, there could be opportunities for you in this career.

You will need to be able to work quickly and efficiently, and have a good awareness of health and safety. A good level of fitness will help you manage the physical side of the job.

There is no fixed entry route to become a window cleaner. Experience in a customer service role is valued by employers and may help you find work. You could also get into this job through an apprenticeship.

Work activities

As a window cleaner, you would wash windows and other glass surfaces on buildings using ladders, water-fed poles, rope access equipment (abseils) or cradles. You could work on different types of buildings, including:

  • private homes
  • schools
  • offices
  • shops
  • hospitals.